Longtime fans, new fans, friends, and family can all participate because my good indie author pal in Australia, Julie Cannings is going to judge and determine winners. This way it is fair and partial, and she has read everything I have written so she is the most qualified to pick the best.

There are three first place prizes. Enter as many times to win and in all three giveaways if you'd like. I'm giving away a complete autographed set of each of my series. That is the complete 11 book set of The Soulmate Call Series, the first 5 books in The Hotel Lamia Series, and The Wardwell Witches Trilogy. US entries only for the first two series. International entries for a nonautographed complete set of The Wardwell Witches Trilogy (I wish I could do international for all of them.)

How do you enter? Submit a hook for the series you'd wish to win. Doesn't have to be long. Just one sentence. If you haven't read the series yet, check out the blurbs for help with writing a hook. Yes, I know I'm putting you to work, but hopefully you have fun writing them, and I have fun reading them. I plan to use them in advertising. So it's a win for me too.

If I get more than ten entries for each book, I will have Julie pick a second place winner from all of the entries. Second place prize is an autographed copy of the first book in each series. US entries only.

If I get more than twenty entries for each book, I will have Julie pick a third place winner from all the entries. Third place prize is an autographed copy (winner's choice.) US entries only.

I'll also giveaway a winner's choice to the person who shares this giveaway the most. International entries welcome.

In addition, all entries will get a chance on the wheel to win a paperback copy of Julie Canning's The Battle Within.

Deadline for entries is November 30, 2023.