When I opened up my computer to put The Soulmate Call into print it began as a one and done journey, that organically evolved into so much more. By the end of book one, it had morphed into three more stories, and by the end of volume two it had developed into a total of eight stories. I have no idea where it will end or how long this journey will continue.

During the Salem Witch Trials over three hundred years ago, Ezekiel and Jeremiah Turner stumbled upon the knowledge needed to tap into unused parts of the human brain. What they discovered was the ability to telepathically call the soul of their destined soulmate, the one created for them. Their family secret has been passed down from generation to generation. Jeffrey Turner, aka Rey, a direct descendant of Ezekiel Turner, found his soulmate only to push her away. At nineteen, a player, and not ready for his destined happily ever after he threw away the best thing that ever happened to him, or so he thought.

In volume one, I introduce you to Rey and Lisabeth, two strong, independent, confident individuals. I share their story in the form of the journal that each Turner writes for future generations.

As the story of Caleb and Pasiphae developed, I knew that I could not do all that I wanted to do with the characters and the future characters that are introduced, if the story was only told in first person format.

The Soulmate Battle took me out of my comfort zone and forced me to write from a different perspective. It is still broken down from the eyes of Caleb and Pasiphae separately from chapter to chapter, only now the perspective of everyone else in their lives has entered the story.

With Caleb and Pasiphae, you will meet two very different characters who are insecure and unsure of their worth in this world. Together they will discover their strength, their worth, and their value.

In volume three, The Soulmate Restoration, Luke is a widower with a young daughter. Luke already married his soulmate and has no desire for another one. Danielle, is a runaway bride with an estranged daughter. Together these four embark on a journey of restoration.

In volume four, The Soulmate Healing, Cole Richoux is a convict who's given an unexpected chance at a life. Darion Williams is a woman who lost her ability to trust men after being repeated sexually abused as a child. Together will they find healing?

In volume five, The Soulmate Rekindled, Pasiphae's parents are on the brink of divorce while a category five hurricane is headed for them. Scott Lockhart is desperate to save his marriage even if it means believing in science fiction. Can Scott become the man his wife Kelly needs? Can Kelly forgive Scott for the many years of neglect and heartache?

The Soulmate Call, The Soulmate Battle, The Soulmate Restoration, The Soulmate Healing, & The Soulmate Rekindled are now available on Kindle, Amazon Paperback, and Hardcover. First in series is free to download.

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