In my need to support Indie authors, like me, I am generous in my book ratings. Sometimes more so than the book deserves. However, I have compiled a list of my favorite Indie authors to date where generosity is well deserved. This is in no particular order. Pretty much just the order in which they showed up on my last read booklist on Goodreads. I am behind on a few of some of their books. And I admit if they wrote a RH, I haven't read it nor will I. It's just not my thing. If you are looking for good indie authors to support, definitely check these guys out. I know this list will grow, so check back for updates.

Quinn Loftis

I.T. Lucas

Julie Cannings

Elle Marlow

R.C. Matthews

Kristen Lee

Mica Rae

L.C. Son

Carrie Jo Thomas

Eden Thorne

Debbie Hyde

Lisa Herrington

Ashely Barnes

Bethany Shaw

K.N. Sol

Adom Sample

Laura Stapleton

C.R. Riley

Lilah T. Bane

Tamika Brown

Sherry Foster

Brenda K. Davies

Laura Mowery

Willa Blackmore

F.D. Fair

Graceli Kaye

Belle Zimet

Michelle Angelle

Kimberly Forrest

Sarah M. Reed

Ash Johnson (Unpusblished)

Jenna O’Malley

Crystal Vranich

Dan Gallo

Mel Braxton

Ashley Kay

Traci Sek

T.L. Drake